Bathroom Renovations Tauranga

bathroom makeovers

Building a New Bathroom or Renovating an Existing Bathroom

Tauranga Builders have the ideas and experience that you need to improve the look of your bathroom, resolve existing design issues, and give you a functional space. We are a locally owned and operated building business in Tauranga and know the products that work well and look good to make redesigning and renovating an easy and painless process.

Why Tauranga Builders

We have solutions to your problems. We have great ideas for design and layout. Within an initial consultation, we can look over all of your options to envisage your perfect bathroom and choose a design and products to make your bathroom look better, be more spacious, more modern and easier to use. We will then manage the job through the construction phase efficiently. Keeping you informed throughout the process so that your dream bathroom is delivered stress-free and in a timely manner.

Why Invest in Bathroom Renovations

Renovating an old and tired bathroom is an excellent way to add value to your home, and can be a sound investment if you are looking at selling your property in the future.Tauranga bathroom renovations


The cost of having your bathroom renovated can easily be regained in the selling price of your house, with the added benefit of enjoying it in the meanwhile. It often costs less than you think to have a new and attractive bathroom.



Call us today, we are more than happy to assist you in your bathroom renovation desire.