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Begin your new home building journey with Tauranga Builders. We build a range of modern and exciting custom homes. As local builders, we build luxury homes, multi-level homes, townhouses, single-level homes, and apartments. Tauranga Builders have built a reputation of getting it right from the start to add value and save costs.

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We don’t push our own plans. We can work with your choice of designer or architect or we can recommend designers that we trust and work alongside. This means that you can have your design meet your vision of what you want in your new home.

  • It’s shape
  • How it is sited on the section
  • The look you want
  • Within the budget that you have allocated.


We Are Experts at Interpreting Custom House Plans

Getting your plans right at the start can save a lot of time and money further down the track. We make sure that the house plans are going to work and be cost-efficient before they are submitted to the council for consent. By working alongside you and the architectural designer at the sketch stage, our contribution often improves the value and functionality of the build. Often the way that a certain detail is drawn or the way that a certain design feature is included can be refined before the plans are consented, reducing the cost to build a house, saving time, and stress throughout the building process.


What to Expect When Building a House

Tauranga Builders are hands-on and involved with you throughout the home construction process. Excellent customer service and quality control are delivered every step of the way. From the outset of the build, we use trusted and reliable tradesmen to ensure the build flows smoothly without delays, delivering you a premium quality home at an agreed price.


Why Choose Tauranga Builders As Your New House Buildernew build homes

At Tauranga Builders building your home is our passion, and this passion is at the forefront of how we operate. We go the extra mile to keep you interested and involved, and enjoying the process as much as we do. We push for excellence with every build to ensure our reputation as a quality Home Builder Tauranga. If you are looking for a quality new house builder to build a home in Tauranga, we look forward to meeting you to discuss your new build soon.