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Decking Ideas

Building a deck is a fantastic cost-effective way of adding to the living area of your house. A new deck can add value to your home, and create a connection from your living areas to the outdoors.

There are some things to think about when building a new deck.

Here we tackle some frequently asked questions and give you some valuable tips.

Deck Construction

How to Make the Most of Building Your Deck

A good deck can be a real asset to your house but needs some consideration in terms of layout and design, and how much sun it will trap, especially in the winter. Would you like to use your deck in all weathers? Having a clear roof that allows light through and keeps out the rain is a good option. Windbreaks and privacy screens are great to block that pesky cold southerly and unwanted prying eyes.

Flow from inside to your deck will affect how much you use it. A good deck will be an extension of your primary living area and add to your living space. A well-positioned deck that capitalises on your house layout will get more use and be a real asset to your home.

Another good tip that many people overlook is if you want to fit a dining setting on your deck, then you will need a bare minimum of 3.6m in width to be able to walk around a table when people are seated.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck

Many factors can influence your deck cost. Including;

  • Is there an old deck that needs to be removed?
  • Does your deck require a permit and a compliant balustrade?
  • Will your deck need stairs?
  • How high off the ground is your deck?
  • What type of decking board will you use?
  • Would you like built-in seating?


Decking Timber NZ

In our opinion, Kwila timber is the best timber for decking in New Zealand, although there are several other decking products that are popular. Here we weigh up the options;


Product Advantages Disadvantages
Treated Pine Decking Cost-effective

Sustainably resourced

Produced in New Zealand

Can shrink on joins

High movement


Kwila Decking Proven record among hardwoods

Minimal shrinking on joins


Can bleed

Sustainability of the resource is doubtful even with VLO (Verified Legal Origin) certification

Vitex Decking Little bleeding

Sustainably resourced

Shorter lengths than Kwila and Pine – max 3.6m
Garapa Decking Appealing grain

Little bleeding

Can shrink a lot on joins -Joins and mitres are to be avoided
Composite Decking Can be part recycled

No maintenance

Colour range

Hidden Fastenings

Extreme movement

Large gaps are required


Easily marked and scratched


Does Your Deck Need a Permit?

Your deck doesn’t need a permit when it is not possible to fall from a height greater than 1.5m


Does Your Deck Need a Compliant Handrail?

deck builder Tauranga
Fixed seating can be a multi-purpose way to make your deck safe for kids when a compliant balustrade is not required


Your deck will need a compliant handrail if it is possible to fall from a height greater than 1m





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