Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

kitchen renovations

Let’s face it; Kiwis are a little obsessed with renovating and home improvements.

All home renovations cost money, but not all renovations convert into value to your home. Some can be money down the drain.

If resale value isn’t important to you, maybe you really like living where you do, and you want to make your home more liveable to suit your needs better. There is still a need to think about the money that you’re spending to ensure that your spending isn’t harming your future finances if your situation changes.

A good renovation will always make your house feel more comfortable and improve its function. Here is our guide to help you to know where to start

Kitchen Renovation

If the kitchen isn’t the heart of your home, it probably should be. An inviting kitchen is one of the best attributes a home can have. It is one of the most used areas in your home and a hugely popular renovation option.

Kitchen Renovations Tauranga

Things to consider before getting stuck in include;

  • Does your kitchen flow well with your home?
  • How usable and enjoyable is your current kitchen set up?
  • Kitchen renovation cost?

These are your options:

A Kitchen Makeover

If your current kitchen is positioned well and works well but is just a bit dated, a few new cabinet doors, maybe a new benchtop and tapware, and paint could be relatively inexpensive and a sound investment.

A Full Kitchen Overhaul

A common issue, especially in older homes pre-70’s, is often a lack of flow from the kitchen to living areas making the kitchen feel disjointed and tucked away. This is often an excellent opportunity to get creative and create an ideal space, but it has to be done right and radically improve the function of your home to get a resale return.

As Little as Possible

The Kiwi love for renovations and design trends is alive and well, and a kitchen remodel is a big favourite. This has demonstrated that in lower-value homes or older homes, especially if the kitchen is already functionally laid out and shows potential, a cheap renovation or no renovation is your most prudent option for money spent vs. resale return.

Our Expert Advice

For a profitable investment, you must use all of the expert advice and opinions available to reveal your kitchen renovation’s best potential flow and function. This is first and foremost. Get the base work right and follow it up with some consistent and quality finishes.


A Bathroom Renovation

Home Renovation BuildersAnother favourite Kiwi renovation is the humble bathroom. You need to decide if your bathroom needs an overhaul or just a facelift. Is the setup satisfactory? Your current bathroom’s lighting, layout, and functionality are important decision-making factors in deciding where to head.

A Bathroom Makeover

A new shower, floor coverings, tapware, or vanity are cost-effective ways of improving your bathroom without starting over. Quality ventilation for removing moisture-laden air and decent bathroom lighting is often overlooked but is crucial in even the most basic bathroom remodel.

A Complete Bathroom Renovation

Starting afresh will allow you to alter your plumbing arrangements to improve layout and functionality, run wires for power points and lighting at your vanity, heated towel rail, fan, and other lighting. It could also be an opportunity to change your entry point, borrow space from an adjoining room, add insulation, and install new wall coverings with the ability to hold wall tiles and a quality paint finish.

Our Advice

If your existing bathroom is in reasonable condition, then your best investment may be able to achieve a quality product with less spent. In all other cases, a complete bathroom renovation that significantly improves the look and function of the space will help to capitalise on your investment.

Creating an Extra Bedroom

Bedroom AdditionAn additional bedroom is always a sound investment, but beware if you are taking living space from somewhere in your home to fit in an extra bedroom, adding walls can enclose spaces. They can make your house feel restricted or reduce natural light. You could be reducing your target market when it comes time to sell.

A Bedroom Addition

An extra bedroom will add great value to your home. Home extensions make sense financially because you aren’t necessarily replacing any existing value in your home by remodelling an existing space. You are adding to it and retaining existing assets. It still pays to consider a few things to maximise your investment and make your addition more liveable.

Our bedroom Advice

An additional bedroom often requires another bathroom in the house. A well-thought-out house addition incorporating a master bedroom is an excellent opportunity to add an ensuite. Another bedroom extension could also offer an additional common living area, thus offsetting the additional strain on your existing common areas. An office space or living room could be an option for you. By extending, you can create a functional home to suit your needs.

We Can Help You Renovate  Your Home

Tauranga Builders is passionate about adding space and value to homes in and around Tauranga. If you are looking seriously at home renovations and want specific advice to make your home improvements cost-effective and potentially profitable, please get in touch by calling us or using our Contact Page.